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West Palm Beach Apartments | Tips To Make SURE You Are Getting A Good Deal.

If you can’t afford buying a West Palm Beach Apartment, your solution is probably to lease. Though moving to a new apartment can be very exciting, finding a good one to rent could be a daunting task. There are things you should consider before the big step, so here are our ten picks to make sure you’re prepared before you sign your name.

Apartment search

1. Set a budget.

Consider how much you can afford to pay and follow the “rule” not to exceed 30-percent of your monthly income. Focus your search according to your budget and though you may be forced to compromise when finding a bigger apartment in a better area, make sure it’s worth spending the extra money. If you’re looking for a cheaper place to rent, try roommate services to share an apartment, but make sure you know what types of people or habits you’d prefer to avoid.

2. Where to search?

Not going to use a broker’s services because of the extra cost the next thing is to look in the newspaper classifieds, apartment hunter publications, college campus bulletin boards or on the Internet. You’ll know the rental market much better and will will probably get yourself a better deal. Also tell your friends that you’re looking for an apartment to rent and maybe they know something in their buildings.

3. What to search for?

Take a sheet of paper and write them down your requirements list. Do you want a quiet building close to school or work, that allows pets and has free parking? How about a dishwasher machine or laundry facilities nearby?

You may also want to visit the neighborhood at various times of the day, night and weekend to see if it’s what you expected.

These all count when you decide where to live in for the next few months, if not years.
Finance and documents

Because the landlord wants to make sure you’re good with paying the monthly rent most of the times, you’ll most likely have to complete an application and pay for the application fees or for credit reports. Be prepared.

4. The renter’s resume.

Just like a CV for a job application, a renter’s resume should include all the information to make you stand out from other applicants and to convince the landlord that you’ll be a trustworthy tenant. Personal references, last addresses with landlord phone numbers, your monthly income or a copy of your credit report will make you look good on paper, which you need it.

5. What’s included?

It’s very important to know if the rent includes heating, water, electricity, cable or Internet connection but more important is to know what are the average utility bills in the building. Ask the landlord if you want to be make sure you won’t get crazy numbers on your bills.

6. Read before you sign

A common mistake we usually make is not to read a contract before we sign. Obtain a copy of any rules and regulations, make sure you go through everything and before you sign the lease, check to see if these are mentioned:
The beginning and the expiration date
The rental price and information about your security deposit
What are the reasons for which your landlord can terminate your lease contract
Are there any penalties for moving out of your apartment before the expiration date?
Are there any responsibilities on your head for repairs and such?
Is subletting allowed ?
See if you have to buy renters insurance, because it will increase you total cost
Is there a policy about guest visitors?

7. Contract issues

It’s a big move so you have to make sure you’re covered on every aspect so never sign a lease without seeing the apartment even if it’s a bargain. Second of all, our advice is not to sign a contract that has an automatic renewal clause, because you may not know what’s going to happen next year. Maybe you change work or move to a new city and a renewed contract would only force you to pay even if you’re not living there.

Last thing and a very important if you enjoy privacy, keep away from a lease that gives the landlord unlimited access without notification. Tenants have their rights and a landlord should be permitted without notice only in case of emergencies.
Inspect the apartment

Most important thing when you inspect an apartment you plan to lease (or buy) is not to let the looks deceive you. Look for the “hidden” attributes and if there’s any damage ask for it to be repaired otherwise you may be blamed for it later.

8. What to look for

You like the price, the area is great, but you need to see where you’re going to live. Here are a few things to take a closer look at:
Pipes – be it gas, water or anything else, check for leaks.
Sink faucets, shower heads and water – make sure water (both cold and hot) really comes out of the faucets and the shower head and it’s with a decent pressure. Also thetoilet has to flush properly and thoroughly.
Electricity and appliances should all be working. Check if all the lights or other electric devices are operational. Also check the air conditioner and the heater to see if they’re good for anything.
Walls and windows. Check the windows to see if they open, close and lock properly. Also inspect the walls. The more walls in common (shared with adjoining apartments), the greater the chance of noise from next door.
Noise. For a student, outside noise may be extremely disturbing and may interfere with learning. If it’s a highly trafficked area you may have problems concentrating and even sleeping.
Negotiate your lease

If everything went smooth, you like the apartment and the landlord likes you, it’s worth trying to negotiate a little bit.

9. Know your landlord

It’s very important to know some basic information about the landlord. If it’s a management company with thousands of apartments for rent it may be harder to negotiate, but if it’s a family and they just need to secure the income each month, you have a green light to close the deal with a small discount.

10. Get your deal

Read the lease carefully and see what applies and what doesn’t. If there are things in the lease you may not need or if you’re willing to take some responsibilities like cutting the lawn or taking deliveries kindly ask the landlord to lower the rent. Another way could be to offer a longer-term lease or a higher security deposit. A very important aspect of negotiating your lease is to be polite and not give

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big Hands Massage Special Offer To Bella Lago Vista Residents.

Big Hands Massage In West Palm Beach is providing some of the best offers for Bella Lago Vista residents! BHM can help you regain your natural sense of balance. They are experienced with clients ranging from the physically ill , people who lead stressed lives, first time clients, and athletes. Our bodywork is uniquely tailored to your needs; it is not a spa routine. We listen to your preferences and body as we work with the intention of healing; we accommodate your needs for a better health. They have a licensed massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncture physician, skin, hair and nail technicians on staff to help you.We are aslo available for mobile services by appointment in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County, down to South Beach, Miami.

The BHM tip for the week: Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is an herb, usually used as a spice. It can be used dried, fresh, powdered, and as a juice or oil. Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. Now researchers are finding that ginger has not only great anti-inflammatory properties, but also works wonders in the treatment of many different things, ranging from migraines to cancer.

Cancer protection (ovarian cancer treatment and colon cancer prevention especially)
Heartburn/acid reflux/GERD
Morning and/or Motion Sickness
Upset stomach
Improves Digestion
Boosts the immune system
Sore throat
Stuffy Nose or Nasal Congestion
Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment
Headaches and Migraine Relief
Menstrual Cramp Relief
Improves blood circulation
Diseases caused by or fueled by inflammation such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, numerous cancer types, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Add ginger to your diet by adding to smoothies or as seasoning on your meals for an extra quick. But use in moderation, do your own research, it can interact with some medications.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Find The Top Apartments In The West Palm Beach Area.

It is imperative to do a full walkthrough tour of your potential new apartment before you move in. Make sure you see the actual apartment that you will be renting and not a model. Before you complete a tour of your potential new unit, review this list to make sure you know what to look for before you move in. If there are any items that need to be repaired or replaced, make sure the landlord does this before you move in. If there are many things wrong with the apartment, you might just want to pass.
What To Look For Before You Move
Look For:
  • Sufficient safety features, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors. Look inside the apartment as well as in the hallways and in other common areas.
  • Check out faucets, toilets and the pipes under kitchen cabinets for potential leaks in plumbing.
  • Check the water pressure and water temperature in the unit. Turn on the faucets or shower to see how long it takes to get warm.
  • Find out if there is an in-unit water heater or if there is one that is shared by multiple units. This will also affect the amount of hot water that runs to the apartment.
  • Check the water heater and furnace to make sure they are free of rust. Look for rocks, stones or other debris on the outside of the heater or furnace. This debris or chipping may indicate leaks. These leaks could possibly indicate carbon monoxide problems.
  • Make sure that all appliances in the unit work properly and are not damaged.
  • If there is not a washer or dryer in the unit, ask to see the common laundry area. Make sure the common area is well maintained and is well lit. Make sure that access to the common laundry area is limited to residents only.
  • Look for any evidence of insects or rodents, both on the floor in visible areas as well as inside cabinets, drawers and closets.
  • Check for drafts by running your hand along the outside of the window.
  • Look up at the ceiling for any water damage. This may indicate either a leak from outside or very careless upstairs neighbors. If there is discoloration, it may be a sign of mold.
  • Check to see if there is any peeling paint or wallpaper, or if any of the walls show signs of cracking or repairs. This may also indicate water seepage problems or may indicate a breech in the building foundation.
  • Locks should be sturdy and not wobbly.
  • Doors should open and close easily and fit well within the doorframe. The hinges should be sturdy. This is especially important when inspecting doors that lead to the outside. The apartment should have a deadbolt on all outside doors.
  • Turn off and on all lighting inside the apartment to check for electrical shortages.
  • Check the outlets in the apartment to make sure that they all work properly and there are no electrical problems.
Don’t rush through your inspection of your potential new apartment. Be thorough and take your time. After all, it will be your home for at least the next year, make sure you choose a place that you know you’ll be happy with. We here Bella Lago Vista pride ourselves in having the BEST APARTMENTS IN WEST PALM BEACH, so when you are looking for your new home be think BLV. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting The Right Apartment In West Palm Beach

Bella Lago Vista is the address for beautiful apartments in West Palm Beach, Florida. Each apartment home features unique details with floor plan options to fit any budget. Enjoy natural lighting in every home and walk-in closets to help keep you organized. The kitchens have an open plan with beautiful cabinets & countertops with built-in appliances, and each home features a private balcony or patio. Our West Palm Beach apartments offer beautifully appointed one, two, or three bedroom floor plans, and our West Palm Beach apartment rentals are located near Palm Beach Gardens. Boca Raton apartment shoppers can commute easily from West Palm Beach.

Residents of our apartments in West Palm Beach, FL enjoy spectacular community amenities like our sparkling pool & Jacuzzi, tennis courts, and fitness center. We also provide free WiFi in the amenities area. Come home to Village Place apartments in West Palm Beach and enjoy the beautiful lake and golf course views in a convenient location in Palm Beach County.

We will help you feel at home and find the right West Palm Beach apartment. We want your search of West Palm Beach apartments to be informative so we have compiled lots of information in our website to assist you. If you are searching for an apartment in West Palm Beach or relocating to Palm Beach Gardens, then come to Village Place and enjoy the best apartments in West Palm Beach, FL.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Apartment Rental Specials In West Palm Beach

ApartmentsInWestPalmBeach are abundant but, beautiful places to call your home are at a shortage. We here at Bella Lago Vista pride ourselves at creating a comfortable community environment for our residents. We have monthly specials and incentive annual contracts for referrals. Our amenities are next to none plus the beautiful lake front view is absolutely breathtaking. The cozy location that is right in the heart of West Palm Beach allows easy access to all your needed destinations through an entire week. Visit our website which was recently redesigned at http://www.bellalagovista.net  so you can see just what the talk of the town is all about. Like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER

Monday, July 8, 2013

Care Managers Of South Florida Joins Bella Lago Vista

Our Mission is to Help our clients maintain the best quality of life. This remains our top priority. We can check in, visit with your loved one or work with your caregiver when you are unable to.
We provide help to individuals, caregivers, partners, significant others just as any family would provide the best quality of life care for their loved ones. We offer full transparency of care for all ages. Our team of providers are an elite staff trained to help your family experience life's best one day at a time.
CMOSF is more than willing to help in those tender times to facilitate your days as well those of the ones you love. Make sure you call us today for free consultation on caregiver management.

July and August we are looking to provide Bella Lago Vista residents special offers and discounts on all senior care services!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

City Pizza Announces Official Sponsorship Of Bella Lago Vista

In South Florida the pizza chains are in much abundance but, the quality is not in the same numbers. When it comes to great pizza in west palm beach City Pizza is known as the one of the best in Palm Beach County. We here at Bella Lago Vista are proud to have them as a part of our community family.

With their recent sponsorship they are providing special offers to the entire complex as well as coupons on a monthly basis and the town parties they will be providing the catering.

City Pizza your neighborhood Italian restaurant & Pizzeria. For the last 10 years, we have been serving you the best NY style pizza in town.  We use only the freshest ingredients to create our authentic Italian dishes.

With a wide variety of menu options ranging from Fried Calamari to sandwiches like Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella to Gyros to entrees like Chicken Marsala, and Veal Parmigana, you can be sure you will enjoy our traditional Italian dishes.  We offer a little something for everyone, and don’t forget we also have a nice selection of beer and wine. Make no mistake, we have the best NY style pizza around, but make sure you leave room for desserts like Tiramisu and Crème Brulee Parfait.

Whether you are Dining in, Taking out, having it delivered, or you need catering, let City Pizza take care of you.

Make sure to visit our website http://BellaLagoVista.net & our new sponsor http://CityPizzaWPB.com

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Summer Party At Bella Lago Vista!

Summer Extravaganza on the Lake at Bella Lago Vista!

Please join us for an evening on the lake. Mingle with your neighbors and have some fun!

June 18th, 2013 at 7PM

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Rules & Regulations Here At Bella Lago Vista

When looking for Apartments In West Palm Beach it has to be understood that there will be rules and regulations. We here at Bella Lago Vista have terms and conditions for all of our residents with an expectation that these regulations will be followed. Please make sure these items are followed if you are looking to be a new resident or if you are a current resident please make sure to follow the guidelines specified in the documentation in the link below. Thank you for your time and patience we look forward to seeing you all at our new event coming soon so stay tuned in to our social media pages as well as our community site @ BLVcommunity.com

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Please make sure to check out our new Rules & Regulations today.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Apartments For Rent In West Palm Beach | Top Tips For Renting

Bella Lago Vista | Top Apartments In West Palm Beach

What you pay for your apartment and how favor it is hinges on your arrangement and bargain finding aptitudes. Nonetheless, before you arrange anything, you've got to choose what you're searching for in your leased space. Read on for six steps to help you discover an apartment for the least conceivable rental rate. (It is safe to say that you are befuddled about if you may as well lease or purchase? Read To Rent or Buy? The Financial Issues.)

No. 1: Seek Web Help in Picking Features

In the event that you don't realize what characteristics are ready in your general vicinity, attempt investigating the sites of online apartment locator administrations. You can look for apartments built essentially with respect to if you need an one-or two-chambers apartment or by different characteristics. It's an extraordinary way to discover both what your cushion will require and what neighborhoods have the characteristics you need.

No. 2: Avoid Choosing a Home Based on Perceived Value

You can get an extraordinary bargain on an apartment with vaulted roofs and an island kitchen, yet the neighborhood may not be what you're searching for, or its lost different things that bested your record of wanted characteristics. Don't make the oversight of leasing an apartment in light of the fact that it appears a great bargain consistent with another person needs yet not a great bargain dependent upon your necessities.

Study how penny stocks can turn $1k to $10k!

No. 3: Call a Locator in Your Area

Look online or in a physical telephone book for numbers for apartments in your general vicinity.

Call no less than two and inquire as to which rental groups and neighborhoods have the most characteristics that you need inside your value reach.

Inquire as to specials. You may have the ability to discover an apartment that would typically strive for a month for $800 for every month.

Since the locator will get a requisition provided that you pick a property he or she proposes, determine the locator calls ahead to check whether the two to three lands you like have the best units ready.

No. 4: Always Call a Community Before Visiting

When you visit a property, call before going to get a quote on costs. When you are on the property, the renting executor might would like to wow you with characteristics, yet on the telephone its everything about the numbers. Analyze the figures you appropriated from your locator with the number you assembled from online and neighborhood apartment locator administrations.

No. 5: Tour Properties in Person

While virtual tours could be discovered on generally apartment edifices' sites, there's no substitute for going by a neighborhood in individual. Sites will furnish a thought of what the group and inner part look like, and ought to be utilized as a starting screen. Strolling around your potential new neighborhood and apartment will give you an improved feel for the area, Also, don't restrain the inquiry to one property; visit no less than two, so you have an examination.

No. 6: Reevaluate Your Feature List

Throughout the precise first stage of the procedure of discovering a marvelous new place to no nonsense that is likewise simple on your wallet, you improved a record of what characteristics that are significant to you in and around your new home. You might as well have additionally chosen what you are ready to pay for them. Right away that you have no less than a couple diverse lands to pick, check whether you still hold the same qualities. Conform your record as needs be with reference to what every characteristic is worth before doing your last correlations of expense versus home estimation.


When you realize what you need and what it will take, take a seat and ponder your decisions in the accompanying two ways:

Check out your real plan. Acknowledge if one apartment might abandon you with additional cash left over.

Assess an apartment's worth dependent upon the whole of qualities you haves relegated to the characteristics from your record. Determine the real rent you pay is inside purpose behind what you can bear.

Knowing you have a genuine worth for what's significant to you will empower you to settle on a choice on where you live dependent upon your own particular needs rather than a group commercial. The top Apartments In West Palm Beach is Bella Lago Vista so check us out online or visit our property today.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Top Apartments In West Palm Beach

Here at Bella Lago Vista we offer the best in luxury with apartments in west palm beach as well as the the amenities to provide you extravagant times throughout your stay. West Palm Beach, Florida is a subtropical paradise where Americans and international travelers alike come to relax and bask in the warm Florida sunshine. West Palm Beach offers luxury accommodations, sandy beaches, calm blue waters and ample shopping opportunities at chic urban shopping along City Place and the Clematis Street District.
Remarkably, when it was founded by Henry Flagler in 1894, West Palm Beach, Florida was intended to be named "Westpalmbeach," but this corporate-looking moniker was spaced out normally by leaders who thought it could become an ill omen. The West Palm Beach, Florida settlement was originally servant housing for workers employed at nearby hotels in Palm Beach, Florida.

West Palm Beach Attractions

West Palm Beach attractions include Lion Country Safari, a cageless zoo where visitors traverse through different animal habitats while remaining in the comfort of their vehicle. On the more scholarly side of things, Palm Beach Atlantic University, a rapidly growing four-year private Christian college, and Palm Beach Community College are to young scholars some notable West Palm Beach attractions. Other West Palm Beach attractions include the well-known performances staged by Ballet Florida and many art galleries featuring local artists.

West Palm Beach Hotels

West Palm Beach hotels include ones from almost every major hotel chain in the United States. The most popular West Palm Beach hotels include the Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Hyatt and Hilton. If you're looking to live it up, West Palm Beach hotels include luxury options like the Crowne Plaza Resort and Hotel Biba.

West Palm Beach Neighborhoods

West Palm Beach neighborhoods include the Belair Historic District, Central Park, Clematis Street, El Cid, Flamingo Park, Grandview Heights, Mango Promenade, Northboro Park, Northwest Historic District, Northwest Hills, Old Northwood and Prospect Park. Some West Palm Beach neighborhoods on the west side, such as Drexel Park, Westgate and Belvedere Estates, share a West Palm Beach address but fall outside the official city jurisdiction, and thus receive fire, police, and other public services from Palm Beach County. Bella Lago Vista is just the right neighborhood for any single family home. Contact us today @ 561-686-8668

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Best Apartments In West Palm Beach

Affordable Apartments In West Palm Beach are very difficult to find yet, here at Bella Lago Vista we provide condos for rent at rates that fit in with your monthly budget. Our amenities are excellent and our service is premium. The management organization that looks over this complex is by far one of the best in the state. We are a family oriented condominium complex with valuable scenic allure & "staycation" location for your pleasure. Make sure to visit our website and follow us on twitter as well as like us on facebook!

Friday, April 12, 2013

$200 OFF RENT RAFFLE 4-13-2013

This Saturday 4-13-2013 The Spring Fling $200 OFF RENT RAFFLE will be at the main tiki hut @ Bella Lago Vista Be there at around 2pm; the raffle starts at 6 pm the event ends #TBD. Make sure you come for the bounce house for the kids and the free food & your chance to have $200 OFF your rent!!!! Make sure to visit our community site for all the latest events, announcements, community sales, giveaways and job opportunities. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

West Palm Beach Apartments & Condos For Sale.

West Palm Beach FL,. - Everyday is a beautiful day in Bella Lago Vista with a wide variety of essential amenities, lake side location, and an amazing view of downtown palm beach this property is perfect for singles & families. The affordability of these luxurious condos and apartments are not even comparable. West Palm Beach Apartments For Rent have a reputation of great possibilities yet Bella Lago Vista makes good on all the possibilities. Make sure you stop in today and take a tour of our community.

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Affordable Rentals In West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Florida, The gem of the palm beaches is a family environment with affordable rates and luxury amenities. Bella Lago Vista is the newest yet highest rated apartment complex in the Palm Beach area. If you are looking for Affordable Rentals in West Palm Beach then you are in the right place. Spacious rooms allow you the peace of mind to be able to relax in the comfort of your new living accommodations to the utmost level. Only here will you find such an extraordinary view of Downtown Palm Beach. The lake side view of from your balcony or patio will simply amaze you and allow the best of both worlds. Peaceful quite with the lush visionary experience. Make sure to come and visit us on the web @ http://BellaLagoVista.net/

Monday, February 25, 2013

Apartments West Palm Beach

Bella Lago Vista the premier apartments in west palm beach have the most elegant amenities and floor plans that provide an amazing living experience for families of all ages. Our tiki huts and barbecue areas are simply delightful.

We have been and are one of the loveliest of places to live in the palm beach area. With a beautiful lakeside view of downtown West Palm Beach you can have a personal getaway from it all everyday of the week. The poolside is something to write home about as well as a personal gym to keep you in the kind of shape that has South Florida look so wonderful. Where else would you want to be when we have the close vicinity to all your needs as far as stores, restaurants and night life.