Wednesday, December 10, 2014

West Palm Beach Apartments News: Police Officers Being Held Accountable

Last night (12/9/14) in West Palm Beach, FL an appointed group comprised of community leaders from around Palm Beach County came together with law enforcement officers to put together a plan of action to end Police Terrorism & Police Tyranny in the community.  The meeting went as follows:

I. Introductions II. Purpose – To Create and Streghten relations between Law Enforcement and the entire community, however with an emphasis on communities of color. This includes bridging the Communication gap

III. Ideas for proposed solutions Consistent campaign (i.e. gun free, gun violence) that brings awareness but resources. Campaign to educate people on police procedures and interaction, how to have a conversation with the police campaign Get lawyers involved about knowing your rights – are our rights important right now? Using social media Ask officers to give information for compliance to educate the community

IV. The Community TownHall Series (3 Part Series) – The Let’s Talk Tour Part I: Open Space Community Solution Pitch – conversation with our law enforcement – deal with the facts and discuss the real solutions – showcase programs that are doing well within the community. Law enforcement and elected leaders hear solutions from community members in an open space pitch format. Take a look at Police Academies, Hiring Practices, Cultural Sensitivity Training, The Community’s understanding of Law Enforcement. We function by relationships “Who is in the Village?”. We have to go back to the foundation and build the relationships. Solutions, best practices will be compiled and shared with all PBC law enforcement agencies Part II: Law Enforcement Report Card & New initiatives – Law enforcement agencies and elected officials will have a set period to take the solutions and best practices shared with them and develop plans, programs, and initiatives that they will implement and report back to the community in a second TownHall. Part III: Law Enforcement & Our Community - The Next Steps Campaign for knowing your rights – This initiative is the implementation of programs and iniatives but more over the campaign to bridge the communication gap between law enforcement and the community. This series will educate community member on procedures, practices, individual rights, and more. This forum will lead to ongoing/long-term campaigns and education targeted at the community at large, parents, students, young Black/Hispanic males, etc.

V. Action Plan – Develop Community Task Force and meet after the Thanksgiving Holiday. Must encompass the diverse make up of PBC. Invite at least 2 people to next meeting.

VI. Open Discussions

The agenda accomplished much and the next meeting is scheduled for early January of 2015. The Movement will not stop and the action is precise in clear. Stay tuned for more West Palm Beach Apartments News

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